Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is ServSafe?
AServSafe is a nationally accredited food safety certification course provided by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) where you will learn about foodborne illness, how to prevent it, and how to train your employees in proper sanitation practices and procedures. Areas covered include: the importance of food safety, good personal hygiene, time and temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, cleaning and sanitizing, safe food preparation, receiving and storing food, proper methods of thawing, cooking, cooling, and reheating food, HACCP, food safety regulations, and more …
QIs ServSafe recognized nationally?
AYes, ServSafe is a nationally recognized accredited agency that has been recognized by the Conference for Food Protection as conforming to the Conference for Food Protection Standards for Accreditation of a Food Protection Manager Certification Program. ServSafe certification is required in many states and certificates may be transportable from state to state by the certificate holder. Please click on the resources link of our website to get a complete picture of the regulatory requirements by specific state or county
QWho should attend the ServSafe certification class?
AThe certification class is available to any professional working within the food service industry. The law requires that one (1) person be certified per licensed location and that the certified person be available at any time during normal business operating hours. Generally, most locations will certify an owner, manager, and/or preferably a person in charge (PIC). Some locations may choose to certify more than one person.
QHow often are the Eat Around Town Safely ServSafe classes held?
AEat Around Town Safely is the Northeast’s leading provider of training services. ServSafe certification classes are conducted in convenient locations and scheduled many times throughout the year. Please select “Class Schedules” on the website homepage to review the schedule of upcoming classes.
QWhere are the Eat Around Town Safely ServSafe classes held?
AEat Around Town Safely schedules classed throughout the year at locations convenient to our customers. Class locations can be found under the registration link.
QHow long is the ServSafe class?
AThis is a one day class that begins promptly at 8:00 AM and the course instruction generally concludes about 3:30 PM. The certification examination immediately follows the course instruction.
QWhat should I expect while attending a class?
AThe Eat Around Town Safely instructor led classes provide a thorough review of the ServSafe Manager course text book in a professional, yet fun and informal, class setting. Through a combination of PowerPoint slides, DVD’s, and interactive activities, students gain a deeper understanding of the materials being presented
QWhat do I need to bring with me on the day of the class?
APlease be sure to bring the following: 1. Your ServSafe course text book. The course text book contains the exam answer sheet in the front cover of the book that will be needed later in the day for the exam (please do not remove the exam answer sheet from the course text book until you are instructed to do so by your exam proctor on class day). 2. A valid photo identification (i.e. drivers license) 3. A valid e-mail address
QIs the class taught in multiple languages? Is the course text book and examination available in multiple languages?
AThe ServSafe certification course is taught in English. The course text book is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. The certification examination is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French Canadian, Korean, Japanese, and Large Print English. Please select the course text book language required when registering online.
QHow do I register for a 1-Day Instructor-led ServSafe certification course?
ASimply click on the “Register For A Class” button on our website home page. Our website will walk you through all the steps to easily register for an upcoming ServSafe Manager certification class.
QMay I register multiple people?
AYes, select the number of participants you would like to attend when you register for the class.
QWhat is the price of the ServSafe certification class and how do I pay for the class?
AThe total price of the class is $165.00 per person – this includes everything you need: the ServSafe Manager course text book w/answer sheet, 8 hour classroom instruction, proctored examination, and ServSafe 5 Year Certificate upon successfully passing the exam. Payment may be made via debit/credit card when registering online. Payment must be received prior to the course text book materials being mailed and no payment will be allowed the day of the class.
QWhen do I receive the course materials needed to perform my 8 hours of home study prior to attending the class?
AYou will receive the course text book(s) at the mailing address you specified when registering. Course materials are mailed within 1 business day after registration is completed and payment has been processed – there is no additional charge for shipping the course materials. The course text book(s) will be accompanied with a letter explaining the details of the class.
QHow can I best prepare for the class?
AStudy, Study, Study. Read your course text book thoroughly prior to attending the class – minimum of 8 hours. Please click on the resources link on our website home page for other helpful study information.
QIs the exam in multiple choice format and how many questions are there? How much time is allowed to complete the exam?
AYes, the certification exam contains 90 multiple choice questions. You have a maximum of two hours to complete the exam.
QWhat is the minimum grade that I need to receive in order to successfully pass the ServSafe examination?
A75% is the minimum passing grade established by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
QWhat if I fail the certification exam? May I take it again and is there an additional cost?
AYou will be notified of your test results within three (3) weeks from the test date. For those who do not pass the exam, Eat Around Town Safely offers to retest the participant at our next regularly scheduled class for an additional fee
QHow long is the ServSafe Certificate valid for?
AThe ServSafe certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of the exam
QWhat if I have a valid certificate currently, may I simply recertify without taking the full course or exam?
AThis is no longer permitted as of 2011. You must attend the one day class and pass the examination in order to receive another 5-Year ServSafe certificate
QWhat if my ServSafe Certificate has expired? How do I go about getting a new one?
ASimply click on “Register For A Class” on our website home page to register for our next ServSafe certification class. Upon successfully completing the ServSafe course and passing the examination, you will be issued a new ServSafe Certificate that will be valid for 5 years from the date of the exam.
QWhen and how will I receive my ServSafe 5-Year Certificate?
AUpon successfully passing the exam, you will receive your ServSafe certificate via e-mail within three (3) weeks of the class date. Please come to the class prepared with a valid e-mail address. ServSafe certificates are issued in the examinee’s name.
QDoes Eat Around Town Safely offer print and online exam proctoring services?
AYes, Eat Around Town Safely has National Restaurant Association Registered Examination Proctors on staff. Please use the “Contact Us” link to request exam proctoring services.
QDoes Eat Around Town Safely offer an online ServSafe Certification course and online proctored exam? What is the cost and how does the online course work?
AYes, we do offer the convenience of providing the online ServSafe Manager Certification Course and online proctored exam. The total cost is $249.00/person, including online exam proctoring services. Simply click on the “ServSafe Online Course & Certification Exam Proctoring” link on our website homepage for more details.
QAre on-site classes offered? What are the details?
AYes, Eat Around Town Safely offers on-site classes at customer locations or in centrally located geographic areas that are convenient to our customers. Please click on the “Contact Us” link on our website home page to request this service.
QWhat if I need to cancel my class registration?
APlease refer to our cancellation policy located on the page when registering for the course.

Eat Around Town Safely offers ServSafe® Manager Certification Courses that provide personal insight and real life experiences coupled with interactive exercises to keep the classroom training exciting. If you have any further questions, please contact us.